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About Us

In 2023, Flow Academy is embarking on a transformative journey, elevating itself to new heights.

At Flow Academy, our mission is to introduce and train individuals of all backgrounds to enjoy the exhilarating world of Outdoor Water Sports. We believe in providing every member with a genuine escape from the urban chaos, allowing them to create unforgettable memories in the scenic enclave of Tai Mei Tuk.


With a wide range of water sports and activities on offer, our vibrant summer program invites everyone to come together, have fun, and embrace the joy of shared experiences. Whether you're seeking thrills or simply looking to unwind, we have something for everyone at Flow Academy, ensuring a summer filled with laughter and adventure.


Water Sports

Here we provides water sports course, race, events and gear rental for all members.



Members have the right to enjoy the facilities here at Tai Mei Tuk.



We welcome all members to join our events here at Tai Mei Tuk.


Collaborating with HKSSA, Tai Mei Tuk

Hong Kong Schools Sailing Association (HKSSA) is located at Tai Mei Tuk. 

Combined, we can provide the best water sports

experience for all members to enjoy.



Lake Egret 小白鷺互動中心

Tai Po, Hong Kong

Flow Academy 創立於2021年,提供佔地3000平方米,全港最大型的水上競技場。整個水上競技場面積達100x30米,有七個主要的大型刺激充氣設施、約55件組件組合而成。以及腳踏船及踏浪艇租用設施。


HKSSA 香港學校風帆協會

Tai Mei Tuk, Hong Kong

Flow Academy 與 HKSSA  合作提供一個更全面的水上活動體驗。


Hong Kong Schools Sailing Association

Main Dam, Plover Cove, Tai Mei Tuk, Ting Kok Rd, Tai Po


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